Daniel Jackson, a bespoke carpenter and furniture maker started Made For Gardens to create exciting, unique and sustainably created garden structures and furniture. Daniel’s ethos of good craftsmanship and sustainability is at the forefront of his desire to create beautiful timber products.


Contemporary Stick Chair


Daniel Jackson joined Shani Lawrence Garden Designs as a partner in 2007 after taking a two year sabbatical to travel the Americas. As well as assisting in the creative process Dan designs and produces beautiful timber structures for a number of Shani’s gardens. He has recently created a house for him and his family converting a former agricultural stone barn using traditional lime work and carpentry along with modern insulation and construction techniques, the building being classed with an A Energy rating and an impressive A for CO2 emissions. Along with his wife Shani they run Stones Cottages, an ongoing project to create an ecologically minded retreat centre in North Pembrokeshire. They currently have two beautifully renovated stone cottages for rental. A strong believer in aesthetic beauty coming not only from design but also the finished pieces impact on the environment and the wider world as a whole. Daniel likes to use sustainable materials, believes in fairness and social justice and is often heard to say “nuance is the enemy of tyranny”.