A Muliebral Bench – Oak Garden Bench

The Muliebral Bench

A beautiful hand made oak bench. This bench has been sculpted from European air dried oak. A highly durable material suited to an outside environment, this bench is built to last a long long time. With flowing lines it measures 1.5m long with a comfortable seat height of 45cm. It is a very comfortable bench to sit on and is a stand out piece that will give interest to any garden. Treated with two coats of Osmo UV oil it will retain it’s colour well. As it is an oil it can easily be reapplied using a fibre free cloth or brush as and when needed, Osmo recommends doing this every 3-4 years. If left untreated it will naturally silver over time.

Made in Pembrokeshire West Wales by hand. Each bench is unique and no two look exactly the same but all follow the same design and are all finished and made to the same high quality. Every piece of wood I use has a different look and feel, I work with the shape of the wood and the grain patterns to produce the shapes that make these benches.

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